It’s my way or the highway, buster! The popular American idiom is well suited for the topic here. Today we’ll discuss the whole bunch of new additions that have been made to GTA5, last week we chatted about an article on how to surf in CSGO. The most obvious among all of them is the new motorbikes and weapons that go with them. Other than that a new concept of forming a motorcycle club with players around the world, taking positions of power, and earning cash by performing business activities with your fellow club members. But the question that disturbs all motorcycling aficionados is that how exactly do you form a group of motorcyclists, that go on to take on the roads just like you want to? In this article, we’ll discuss on how to form a club, the roles you can assume, and how to add other members into it.

Forming a club

This step is simple. You just need to purchase a Clubhouse from the foreclosures section of the Maze Bank Website. There are plenty of options to choose from, with the cheapest one out in the desert and the most expensive in Los Santos.

And as it is with the yachts and the CEO offices, you can name the clubhouse and customize it to your preference, but at a cost. Your new clubhouse can then store at least 10 personal bikes and does have space for 7 more of the club members. Once you have it, you can also go on to become the President. Go to the Interaction Menu and click on Motorcycle Club President Section.

How to become a Prospect?

There are plenty of bonuses and reasons to become a club president, but also a good reason to sign up as a Prospect. Prospects are low-level MC members who do a lot of grunt work but earn good money for doing so. You also earn Lifetime Points and Session Points within the Motorcycle Club. The more you have, the more reason a President has for rewarding your loyalty. Just set your status to Looking for MC on your interaction menu. Presidents can recruit up to 7 other players to become Prospects in a motorcycle club.

A President can promote Prospects to various roles and titles, all of which have their benefits. They are:


  • Can call in ‘Hit Squad’.
  • Can drop body armor.
  • Can launch the ‘Rippin’ It Up’ Member Challenge.

Sergeant at Arms

  • Drop Molotov x3.
  • Drop Ammo.
  • Can start ‘On the Run’ Member Challenge.

Road Captain

  • Can call in vehicles: Slam Van, Moonbeam, BF Injection, Dubsta, Buzzard.
  • Can start a ‘Race to Point’ Member Challenge.
  • Can set a formation to ride in (if the President has a formation set, the Road Captain cannot set one and vice versa).

Vice President

  • Can call in Bullshark Testosterone.
  • Can launch the ‘Hit and Ride’ Member Challenge.
  • Can set ‘Target Rival’ that places a marker on a chosen player in the session.

Club Work

There’s a whole bunch of club work you can do during your MC live to earn cash and RP, but they’re essentially splinted into four types of missions/modes. It breaks down like this:

Clubhouse Contracts

These can only be launched by the President from the meeting room inside the Clubhouse. Once launched they are open to everyone in freeroam.

  • Missions are varied and include ambushing a weapons deal, defending a moving convoy, assassinating a target, or defending and rescuing a civilian.
  • There are 11 missions all together but only three are available at a time. The missions listed on the clubhouse wall refresh periodically.
  • If you’re part of the launching motorcycle club you will earn cash and RP for completing the Clubhouse Contract.
  • If you’re playing solo or from another MC you’ll earn cash and RP for disrupting or delivering against the launching motorcycle club.
  • Either way, all players who take part earn cash and RP.

Club Challenges

These are the simple missions that pit MC members against MC members for cash and RP.

  • Search and Destroy: go against your buddies to reach an area, find a target, and beat him/her down.
  • Wheelie Rider: you must get the longest wheelie within a time limit.
  • Criminal Mischief: you can now melee attack while riding a bike. In Criminal Mischief, the winner is the one who damages the most cars with a weapon while riding.

Member Challenges

These can only be triggered by an MC member with a specific role/title.

  • On The Run – Sergeant at Arms: this can only be triggered when all the MC members are close to one another. Once triggered all members get a 5-star wanted rating and the winner is the one to survive the onslaught of cops and FIB.
  • Race to Point – Road Captain: once started it’s a race to the clubhouse or random spot on the map.
  • Rippin’ It Up – Enforcer: kick this off to see who can cause the most damage while on their bike.
  • Hit and Ride – Vice President: this brutal mode sets a time limit – the winner is the one with the most pedestrian kills.

Club Work

These are free mode missions that can be triggered by the MC President. Everyone in the session can get involved in the chaos.

  • Deathmatch: an invite-only Deathmatch with another motorcycle club.
  • Joust: a deathmatch on bikes in a specific part of the map. Again, it’s invite-only.
  • Stand Your Ground: get to an area of the map and defend it from others. Rival MCs and solo players win by capturing the area.
  • Caged In: Much like the Freemode activity, you must stay within a shrinking circle to the destination. But now you can use melee attacks to push your rivals out of the loop.

Why ride information?

Not only does riding information look cool as fuck, but it also regenerates health right up to full armor, repairs bike damage, and fixes flat tires. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Only the President or Road Captain can trigger riding information.
  • You can choose Lead to ride at the front of the pack, or Open to ride in the middle.
  • Look to ride inside the shaded area. That will activate the formation.
  • With Riding Formation Assist the President can set it so no other MC members go faster than the President.